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Welcome to Black Magic Missile Works

The UFC Universal Flight Controller Family provides the most advanced flight computers in its class, supporting flights to 100,000’ and beyond.

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Meet our newest addition, the UFC-4

The new standard to single board flight computers. Lower in cost and more highly integrated, it has many performance and functional enhancements.

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Looking for a professional flight controller?

UFC-3's long-range two-way telemetry, GPS, 3-axis inertial sensor and other options give it the performance needed for high performance flights.

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All the expandability you need with add-on modules

Check out the expansive number of add-on modules, like modules for telemetry, GPS, inertial control & analog to digital converters.

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Support for University Rocketry Projects

Since the first UFC-2 in 2007 we have supported all levels of higher education in rocketry & related computer hardware/software engineering.

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We're your source for flight accessories, too

Whether you need a 900 MHz. ground station, a 6db omni directional antenna, a 13 db Yagi directional antenna or a 15 db parabolic antenna.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Check Out Our Newest Product

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Company News | Sunday, August 04, 2013

Black Magic Missile Works is making important changes to its product line. Both UFC-2 and UFC-4 are being discontinued, but ongoing support of current customers will be provided. Focus is now entirely on the UFC-3 product line with several changes and additions. Black Magic is in the process of submitting these products for approval by the FAA for commmercial use, but will continue to support the amateur market with the best price/performance products available.

Here is what has changed:

New UFC-3-CPU-2 with enhanced features at the same price. Addition of a 5fps GPS interface (UFC-3-GPS-1 no longer needed) saving money and a module slot, upgrade of the Altimeter for greater resolution and... Read more

Product Spotlight

Support for University Rocketry & Engineering Projects

Ever since the first Black Magic Missile Works Universal Flight Controller (UFC-2) in 2007 we have developed systems designed to support all levels of higher education in rocketry and...

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UFC-3 Flight Computer

The UFC Flight Computer Family provides the most advanced flight computers in its class, supporting flights to 100,000' and beyond. Its long range two-way telemetry, GPS, 3-Axis Inertial Sensor and...

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