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Welcome to Black Magic Missile Works

The UFC Universal Flight Controller Family provides the most advanced flight computers in its class, supporting flights to 100,000' and beyond.

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Meet our newest addition, the FCV

Now you can have the performance of a liquid fuel motor without the complexity. Our Computer Controlled Hybrid Motor Flow Control Valve (FCV) gives you full thrust control.

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Looking for a professional flight controller?

UFC-3's long-range two-way telemetry, GPS, 3-axis inertial sensor and other options give it the performance needed for high performance flights.

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All the expandability you need with add-on modules

Check out the expansive number of add-on modules, like modules for telemetry, GPS, inertial control & analog to digital converters.

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Support for University Rocketry Projects

Since the first UFC-2 in 2007 we have supported all levels of higher education in rocketry & related computer hardware/software engineering.

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We're your source for flight accessories, too

Whether you need a 900 MHz. ground station, a 6db omni directional antenna, a 13 db Yagi directional antenna or a 15 db parabolic antenna.

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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Check Out Our Newest Product

Hybrid Motor System

Hybrid Motor System

The UFC Flight Computer Family provides the most advanced flight computers in its class, supporting flights to 100,000' and beyond. Its long range two-way telemetry, GPS, 3-Axis Inertial Sensor and other options give it the performance needed for Level II and III flights. Its on-board and additional optional ADC and Digital I/O ports allow the user to configure the system in ways not possible with other flight computers. Based on a modular building-block design it supports up to eight modules (plus battery modules) of the user's choice to configure practically any kind of system from over a dozen different module types available. For those with requirements...

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Updated Website

Company News | Sunday, August 04, 2013

Black Magic Missile Works has completed the updates to the UFC-3C (Commercial) Universal Flight Controller Family. The one addition is the new High Performance Flight Management System (HPF) module which is a high current (4.5Amp) dual module that supports larger rockets, such as the new Black Magic IV, 300 pound, 20’ long, 8” diameter test rocket powered by the computer controlled Hybrid P Motor. In addition we have added a Driver Module to support relays, solenoids and valves, etc., as well as high efficiency switch mode constant current drivers for pyrotechnics. We have also add a 2 Watt, 400/900MHz. Narrow-Band Telemetry Module with support to control an external RF Power Amplfier and Bypass Switch.

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Product Spotlight

Support for University Rocketry & Engineering Projects

Ever since the first Black Magic Missile Works Universal Flight Controller (UFC-2) in 2007 we have developed systems designed to support all levels of higher education in rocketry and...

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Welcome to our new website!

Black Magic Missile Works is proud to announce not only our new website, but the release of our fourth generation of amateur and commercial rocketry flight computers, the UFC-4, the...

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