The most flexible, highest performance flight electronics available.

Best in Class Sub-Orbital and LEO Avionics based on

Cost, Performance, Flexibility, Reliability and One Stop Sourcing

Simply put, Black Magic Missile Works has no peers.  For over 12 years we have provided leading edge, low cost, high performance, and user oriented avionics with the greatest possible flexibility.  We have a broad product line that provides One Stop Sourcing of Computers, Power Systems, GPS, Telemetry, Flight Management, Hybrid Motor Systems and more as well as great customer support and consulting services.

Our unique modular systems are supported by a Configurator that allows easy selection and costing of practically any configuration required.  We invite you to explore our products and services and see for yourself the value of working with us.

Start by exploring the UFC-3C Flight Computer to gain a perspective into the system architecture and usage.  Learn the Basics including the Base and Power Module functions and features.  Explore the wide range of Telemetry options and Accessories.  GPS and Flight Management Systems provide cost effective high performance flight control options.  We also have additional functional modules to provide support.

Finally look at our Hybrid Motor System, supported by the Flight Management Systems.  This is a low cost, easy to implement, efficient way to provide controlled booster or sustain propulsion stages.

Our Products

The UFC Flight Computer Family provides the most advanced flight computers in its class, supporting flights to 100,000′ and beyond.

Its long range two-way telemetry, GPS, 3-Axis Inertial Sensor and other options give it the performance needed for Level II and III flights.

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UFC-3 Flight Computer

UFC Accessories

Hybrid Motor

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December 16, 2019 Welcome to our all new website.  It’s not just a new look, it is the full implementation of our One Stop…

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