All New Website

December 16, 2019

Welcome to our all new website.  It’s not just a new look, it is the full implementation of our One Stop Sourcing policy.  Now you can not only order standard Black Magic Missile Works products but we provide a full line of third party components for Ground Stations, RF Amplifiers, Antenna Splitters and Antennas as well as RF relays to implement Amplifier Power Saving (bypass and shutdown during prelaunch) and Redundant Telemetry.  In addition we can help supply your cable needs.

We have formatted the website to make it as simple as possible to navigate to the products you need as well as technical support pages that guide you through implementation.  Start at the UFC-3C Flight Computer page to get an overview of system capabilities and basic structure.  Open the UFC-3C Configurator for an easy to use guide to building a system of any size or complexity.

After that, move on to the Basics (CPU, Power Modules and System Power Distribution design).  Follow on with GPS, Telemetry, Flight Management and additional functions available.  The Telemetry Configurations page provides an overview into just about any configuration you could want.

Don’t forget to visit the Hybrid Motor Systems page.  Although you might not have considered a hybrid motor, you might find that the simple and easy to implement design is ideal for low cost sustainer propulsion.

Finally the Accessories pages give you access to third party components we supply that will make it possible for you to configure and purchase everything you need from just one source.

Our goal is to make things as easy and intuitive as possible.  Don’t forget to register with us on the Contact page so we can provide you with more personalized service.

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