With 1,200 square feet of shop space, machining capabilities include a 16” x 40” 5hp EVS Lathe, 9” x 42” Vertical Mill with 12” Rotary Table and a 10” x 16” Horizontal Bandsaw.

Mechanical design tools include Solid Works 3D mechanical design software and RockSim airframe design and simulation software.

Additional tools are available for calculating propellant chemistry. Fuel mixing and casting facilities are performed with a 5 gal. 2-stage vacuum chamber, precision scale and curing oven.

Our current horizontal test stand located near our facilities supports motors up to 5,000 pounds of thrust and provides for dozens of high resolution data channels for recording motor thrust, combustion chamber pressure, oxidizer pressure, temperatures, etc.

A 500 square foot lab/office provides hardware development using high end industry standard development tools, including Altium and OrCAD/Allegro tool chains.

Software development is performed with the appropriate compilers/assemblers, development systems, In-Circuit-Emulators (ICE) and various electronic test instruments. Instrumentation includes a Tektronix MDO3024 Mixed Domain Oscilloscope, Agilent 34461A 6½ Digital Multimeter and Keithley 2280S-32-6 Precision Measurement Power Supply.


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