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Black Magic Missile Works

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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Facilities Available

With over a 1,200 square feet of shop space, we have machining capabilities to spare.With over a 1,200 square feet of shop space, machining capabilities include (photo at right, left to right): a 13 x 40 Tool Room Lathe, a 9 x 42 Vertical Mill and a 10 x 16 Horizontal Bandsaw. Other machines available are floor standing variable-speed drill press, belt/disk sander, etc. Mechanical design tools include Solid Works 3D mechanical design software and RockSim airframe design and simulation software.

Additional tools are available for calculating propellant chemistry. Fuel mixing and casting facilities are also located in an adjacent building.

Electronics hardware development is performed using high end industry standard development tools, including Mentor Graphics Design Capture (schematic) and Expedition (PCB layout). Software development is performed with the appropriate compilers/assemblers, development systems, In-Circuit-Emulators (ICE) and various electronic test instruments.

Our current horizontal test stand located at our facilities supports up to 2,000 lbs of thrust.Our current horizontal test stand located at our facilities supports motors up to 2,000 pounds of thrust and provides for 10 high resolution data channels for recording motor thrust, combustion chamber pressure, oxidizer pressure, temperatures, etc.

A new vertical test stand is being developed for the same site that will allow testing of motors in the flight configuration.

For larger motor testing the Mojave Test Area at the north end of Edwards Air Force base is available.

The Edwards Air Force facility supports motors up to 30,000 pounds of thrust and test flights to 75,000ft. Launches in the Black Rock Desert, Nevada are planned.