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Black Magic Missile Works

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Monday, August 19, 2019

Updated Website

Black Magic Missile Works has completed the updates to the UFC-3C (Commercial) Universal Flight Controller Family. The final addition is the new High Performance Flight Management System (HPF) module which is a high current (4.5Amp) dual module that supports larger rockets, such as the new Black Magic IV, 300 pound, 20’ long, 8” diameter test rocket powered by the computer controlled Hybrid P Motor.

Most importantly, we now offer design information, design services and fabrication services for the Flow Control Valve (FCV) that is the basis for computer control of the motor. It provides; 1.) High Flow Rate (up to 12 pounds per second of Nitrous Oxide), 2.) High Pressure (>1,000 psi), 3.) Compact Design, in a format that can be fabricated by any good machine shop.