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Black Magic Missile Works

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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Updated Website

Black Magic Missile Works is making important changes to its product line. Both UFC-2 and UFC-4 are being discontinued, but ongoing support of current customers will be provided. Focus is now entirely on the UFC-3 product line with several changes and additions. Black Magic is in the process of submitting these products for approval by the FAA for commmercial use, but will continue to support the amateur market with the best price/performance products available.

Here is what has changed:

New UFC-3-CPU-2 with enhanced features at the same price. Addition of a 5fps GPS interface (UFC-3-GPS-1 no longer needed) saving money and a module slot, upgrade of the Altimeter for greater resolution and addition of a 3-Axis Accelerometer

Updated UFC-3-GPS-2 using the NovAtel OEM615V 20fps GPS module with high vibration oscillator option for lock under high acceleration

New 24V Power Module with built-in battery charger and power switch. The module has extended temperature range

New Flight Management System module provides Vertical Flight Stabilization (VTS) and Oxidizer flow control for hybrid and NOFBX motors using our Flow Control Valve (FCV)

New 2.4GHz. Wide Band Digital Data Link supports real-time High Definition Video or other high bandwidth requirements