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Monday, August 19, 2019

Computer Controlled Hybrid Motor Flow Control Valve Featured

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The Flow Control Valve for Computer Controlled Hybrid Motor operation provides the ability to throttle a hybrid motor like a liquid fuel motor with much less complexity and cost. It can be scaled up or drown form the original 8" diameter to as small as 4", although at that size only open loop (absolute position) control is possible due to the lack of space for a Combustion Chamber Pressure Sensor. When combined in a system with a FMS/HPF Flight Management System the user can easily build a proven high performance motor.

Additional Info

  • Name: Flow Control Valve
  • Code: FCV
  • Price: See Options
  • Description: The Flow Control Valve documentation set includes a SolidWorks 2016 3D Model package, STEP Model and BOM.  Also included are mold designs for the top Starter Grain and 10-Spoke Fuel Grain Molds used by Black Magic, as well as a Test Stand design.
  • Features:
    • High Pressure Operation (>1,000 psi)
    • High Flow Rate (12 pounds per second for a 1" path)
    • Fast Operation (less than 150 milliseconds full open or close
    • Continuous Motor Pressure/Thrust Control
    • Fast Shutdown in case of Fault (i.e., Plugged Nozzle)
  • Options:

    Offered free with the purchase of a system including the FMS/HPF Flight Management System Module.  May be purchased separately for $500.

    Design and Fabrication Services are available at extra cost - CALL

  • Accessories:
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