Current Development

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As development of the Computer Controlled Flow Control Valve for Hybrid Rocket Motors is completed, focus is being placed on a practical flight system dubbed Black Magic IV, which is a 300 pound, 20’ long, 8” diameter P motor Hybrid expected to reach 35,000’. It embodies several unique design features:

  • Computer Controlled, 3,000 pound thrust Hybrid Motor
  • Dual composition fuel grains; HTPB with Paraffin Over-Mold for initial high thrust
  • Light weight titanium oxidizer tank with embedded 1,500 Watt heater for pre-heating NOS for maximum pressure (>1,000 psi)
  • Dual-Redundant UFC-3C flight computer system with:
  • Primary/Secondary 533 MHz Base Modules with failover in less than 2 milliseconds
  • Primary/Secondary High Performance (4.5 Amp motor drive) Flight Management Systems with both Thales Aerospace NavChip and Analog Devices ADIS16488 Tactical Grade IMUs for active stabilization and motor control with programmable thrust curve (combustion chamber closed loop control)
  • High performance ruggedized NovAtel 20 fps GPS
  • 2.4 GHz wide band (dual 56Mbps Ethernet channels) long range telemetry with dual real-time High Definition Video Cameras
  • Triple Redundant 24 Volt Power Modules
  • Provision will be made to also support a two stage configuration using Black Magic III (10’, 6” diameter N APCP motor) as the sustainer with an altitude target of 45,000’.

See BLACK MAGIC IV – A Case Study

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