UFC-3C Flight Computer

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UFC-3C offers complete configurability and the ability to grow the system to meet new requirements, from a basic dual-deployment flight computer at minimal cost, to a complex system with dozens of sensor inputs, digital inputs, power outputs and even user defined and programmed functional modules (Flight Management System Modules). Configure up to 8 modules from a dozen different modules available to create a controller node. Connect up to 9 nodes to create distributed and/or redundant systems.  Please see BMMW Avionics and Hybrid Motor System

Modules are 3.550″ x 3.775″ x 0.625″ high and operate over -40°C to +85°C, 500g Shock, MIL-STD 810F (40g), humidity 95% non-condensing. Primary battery power (6-25VDC) is brought into the Base Module (8Amps. max.) except for certain high power cases where additional batteries may be required. All modules include Thermal Transfer Blocks which can be used to provide efficient heat transfer to an external (user supplied) heat sink. All modules are Conformal Coated.

Cost is always an issue and our UFC-3C Configurator provides an easy means of trying out different configurations and options for the best fit.  Note that quantity orders quickly reduce costs by significant amounts.  You can find out our product Terms of Sale 10-20-19 which includes consultant fees.