UFC-3C-GPS 20fps GPS Module

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Updated 20 fixes per second the GPS Module uses a NovAtel OEM719V internal Receiver and ANT-26C1GA external Antenna.  This “V” version has a high vibration oscillator that nearly triples the acceleration that can be tolerated while holding lock. This unit provides not only Longitude and Latitude, but Altitude, Course and Horizontal Velocity information. The Horizontal velocity can be used as an “Event” by the software to qualify user specified actions. This could be used to prevent a motor air-start or staging if the horizontal velocity were too great.

COCOM limits can be removed from a specific unit at time of purchase.

Additional Info
Name: UFC-3C-GPS 20fps GPS Module
Description: This 20 fix per second GPS has Base Module power control, Power and Lock LEDs. This module has an on-board 3.3V power supply for the receiver and 8V power supply for the external antenna. It uses the stack TTL serial port directly without buffering. Resolution and accuracy are excellent and there is even a GLONASS version. Black Magic is an authorized reseller and can provide a version with COCOM limit removed without having to go to NovAtel directly.
  • GPS: NovAtel OEMV-719V (external Antenna)
  • Fixes per Second: 20
  • Position Accuracy: 1.5m Standard, 0.6m WAAS
  • Velocity Accuracy: 0.03m/sec
  • Maximum Velocity: 1,150 mph (514 m/sec)
  • Removal of COCOM limits available: Yes
  • Reacquisition Time: 0.5 sec
  • MIL-STD810G Category 24, 20g RMS compliant
  • Indicator LEDs: Power, GPS Lock
  • Module Weight (grams/ounces): 66/2.3
  • External Element Weight (grams/ounces): 113/4.0
  • External Element Size: 66mm diameter, 18mm high