UFC-3C-CPU Base Module

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The UFC-3C Base Module forms the foundation for a broad spectrum of flight computer system implementations. This new version has 3 times the processor performance, twice the power handling capability (200 Watts) and Switch-Mode Constant Current Pyro Drivers that reduce peak battery current by 80%. Used alone it provides all the basic functionality required for flight, data logging and dual deployment recovery. Add up to seven additional modules (plus Power Modules) to grow and configure the system as needed.

Based on a 32-bit, 533MHz. ARM Cortex A5 CPU with Neon FPU, the Base Module logs data from all of it’s sources in the UFC-3C module stack at up to 1,024 sps (independently user controlled for on-board logging and Telemetry). All setup and operating functions can be performed with a local RS-232 ground connection or via Telemetry. Extensive configuration, calibration, status reporting and simulation functions assure system readiness. User defined Flight Scripts can perform preflight test and calibration of any sensor input. Scripts also control all flight operations and can be verified with preflight simulations.

Additional Info
Name: UFC-3C-CPU Base Module
Description: The UFC-3C Flight Computers are a modular implementation that gives the user unequaled configurability and growth capability. It is specifically designed to provide custom solutions to what ever application the user may have. It offers several different Power, Telemetry, GPS and I/O Driver stackable modules that can be configured in nodes of up to eight modules (not including Power Modules) and up to nine nodes in a system. The advanced Flight Operations Scripts support complex events that can act upon the inputs from multiple sensors.
  • Supports up to 7 additional modules (plus Battery Modules) per node, up to 9 nodes, dual redundancy option
  • Supports Active-Active and Active-Passive Redundancy
  • CPU: 533Mhz 32-bit ARM Cortex A5 Processor w/Neon FPU
  • Data/Instruction Cache: 32KB/32KB
  • 32-bit Main Memory: 512MB
  • Flight Log Memory: 256MB (ECC Protected)
  • Data Sample Rate: Up to 1,024 sps
  • Altimeter: 0.15-16.2 psia (23-bit ADC), 100,000′ maximum
  • Accelerometer: 3-Axis, 24g,
  • Pyro Channels: 2 ea. @ 2 Amp (Switch-Mode)
  • Battery Monitor: Voltage (3) and Current, up to four additional modules can be monitored
  • User Digital I/O: Up to 8 Channels
  • User Analog: 4 (optional battery monitors)
  • Serial Ports: RS-232 Ground Support, RS-485 UFC-3 Multi-Node Network
  • LEDs: Power/Status. GPS Lock, Pyro Continuity (2)
  • Power Input: 6-25 VDC, 8Amps maximum
  • Power Connections: Battery Input, Battery Bank Monitor (3)
  • Weight (grams/ounces): 72/2.5