UFC-3C-DRV Driver Module

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The Driver module provides two, 4 Amp Constant Current Switch Mode Pyro Drivers and four 2 Amp Switches for relays, solenoid valves, etc. Switch mode drive reduces battery current by as much as 80%. The Switches have built in fly-back diodes for use with inductive loads.

Additional Info
Name: UFC-3C-DRV Driver Module
Description: The Drive Module is designed to drive a variety of devices, including electric matches (ignitors), relays, solenoids, solenoid valves, etc.  Up to two modules can exist in a single node.
  • Number of Pyro Drivers: 2
  • Pyro Driver Current: 4 Amps for 800 milliseconds
  • Number of Switch Channels (Battery Voltage): 4
  • Maximum Switch Current: 2 Amps
  • Maximum Modules per Node: 2
  • Supports Active-Active or Active-Passive Redundancy
  • Module Weight (grams/ounces): TBD/TBD