Power Cables

Various power distribution approaches are possible.  Parallel redundancy is easily accomplished with the built-in OR’ing Diode integral to each Power Module and can be used to increase capacity and reliability (batteries are the weakest link in any system).  For highest possible reliability battery banks should be separate for each node so a Base Module power input failure cannot take down the Secondary System.  Up to 7 Power Modules can be monitored by a Base Module.

If node input current exceeds the maximum allowable 8 Amps. then separate connections on some high power modules allow bypassing the Base Module.  In this case battery bank voltages may still be monitored but current cannot be.

Custom Power Distribution Cables can be made to customer specification using Teflon TFE (200°C) wire.  In addition the Split Node Cable between two physically separate redundant nodes (sometimes used to minimize Electronics Bay height) can also be provided (stacking the Primary Node on top of the Secondary Node automatically makes this connection).

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UFC-3C Telemetry Template