Telemetry Configurations

There are numerous possible Telemetry Configurations.  Frequencies of 410-480MHz. (Licensed Band), 902-928MHz. (ISM Band) and 2.40000-2.4835GHz. (Wide Band IEEE 802.11 b/g/n) are available with standard power output of up to 1-2 Watts.  External 10 Watt RF Power Amplifiers are available (400MHz. not available at this time) for extended range.  Base stations are available with a variety of antenna types.

If an external RF Amplifier is used it may be desirable to either provide external power through an umbilical (diode OR’ed into the Battery Power Bus) or a DPDT Bypass relay around the amplifier (can be powered down under program control) until just before launch to conserve battery power.

Redundancy can occur at the Telemetry Module level (shared amplifier and antennas) or fully redundant (including antennas).

Multiple antennas are supported by a variety of RF Splitters.  Multiple aerodynamic blade antennas around the airframe improve signal quality and reliability.

A license is required for operation in the Licensed Band or operation above 1 Watt (see  See individual product pages for relevant FCC Certificates needed for licensing.

UFC-3C Telemetry Template