Dual Modem Relay

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SPDT RF Relay for switching between Flight Modems (UFC-3C-TEL, UFC-3C-DMT, UFC-3C-WBT) in dual redundant configurations. Rated for 1,000,000 cycles for High Reliability operation, this design uses a Failsafe Actuator with a break before make configuration. The switch exhibits exceptional electrical performance specified from 0.2dBi max for insertion loss and 50 dBi minimum for isolation, and guaranteed over -40°C to +85°C . The assembly requires an operating voltage of +28VDC. External connector include solder terminals and SMA Female connectors.

Additional Info
Name: SPDT Modem Switch
Description: Compact High Reliability SPDT RF Relay for switching between Telemetry Modems in a Dual Redundant configuration (single RF Amplifier).  Only 67 grams and 1.25 x 1.27 x 0.5″.  SMA and solder lug connectors.  Actuating current of 135mA at 28VDC
  • Single Pole, Double Throw Relay Switch
  • DC to 26.5GHZ
  • 1M Cycle Operating Life Minimum
  • Failsafe Actuator
  • Insertion Loss 0.5dBi Maximum
  • Isolation 50 dBi Minimum
  • 20 Watts Average Power Maximum
  • Switching Sequence Break Before Make
  • -55C to +85C Operating Temperature